a. Responsible Office: Town Planning Office – Town Planning Department (Ministry of Lands, Survey & Urban Planning)

b. Documentations:
                    Written application
                    4-5 copies of detailed proposed building plan drawn in specified scale with sections
                    Registered Power of Attorney
                    Certificate of Occupancy or Registered Lease as the case may be
                    Current Tax Clearance Certificate
                    Certificate of Incorporation for Corporate Organization
                    Clearance Letter/Certificate form relevant corresponding Ministry and specific application – where                                 applicable
                    Police Report for Petrol Filling/Gas Stations
                    Environmental Impact Statement or Site Analysis Plan & Report for all developments as the case may be
                    Change of Use (Purpose) Certificate where applicable

 Applicants must submit these on application; the Authority should not be involved in procurement of  any of the above. This is to avoid holding the Authority responsible when delay occurs.

c. Fees & Payments:




1. Planning Rate – Area of Plot x Unit
2. Inspection Fee – Volume of Building x Unit
3. Registration Fee – Plot Size x Unit
4. Charting Fee – Plot Size x Unit
5. Stage Permit – Percentage Coverage of Building x Unit
6. Fencing – Perimeter x Height x Unit
7. Certificate of Completion Fee – Volume of Building Fee
8. Commencement Fee/Foundation Fee – Building Coverage x Department of Foundation x Unit
9. Renovation Fee – Volume of Building x Unit

10. N.A – Not Available
11. P.H – Perimeter x Height
12. BCGE – Building Coverage

*These planning fees are subject to change (review) from time to time

d. Contact Officer: Tpl. C.E. Nwaogwugw
                                       State Director of Town Planning
                                       0803 524 8814