Abia: A Continuous Drumbeat On Investment…T.A. Orji


We are stepping up the disclosure of investment potentials located in all the nooks and crannies of Abia State. To that effect, we will not consider any propagation as having constituted enough sensitisation. Our strength also derives from the exhilarating output trailing our input in making Abia investor’s destination.


Our convincing submission is that the convivial and investor friendly atmosphere being consummated in the State must be optimally utilised to make Abia economically eventful. My passion for this drive would not let me direct comprehensive attention to other issues of similar importance, until Abia is over-whelmed with qualitative and result oriented gridlock in the investment traffic of the State.


This therefore is by extension, a complementary piece on similar efforts powered to advocate our passion for a huge manifest presence of varied blue-chip investors.

The receptive latitude for the attainment of this people-oriented feat was heralded with a dispatch implementation of “one stop shop” a gate way designed to weed out bottlenecks and time consuming red tapism, symptomatic of our bureaucratically designed public offices. A rewarding feedback from the intellectually packaged first economic summit convened in Abia State, one stop shop has proven to be a potent tool in galvanising the good intentions of government. Consequently, we have at incredible record time, sealed the paper work to mutually beneficial business relationships.

We are always in a hurry to flaunt our initial breakthrough in government-private sector synergy powered by Me-Cure Health Services of India. This is particularly so because it identified with us during our desert experience occasioned by the audacious menace of insecurity and other unwholesome activities which stood on the way of government’s good intentions.

Me-Cure-Government collaboration drives home the point “where there is a will, there will always be a way”. I have never ceased to grin in gratitude to God and in deserved sense of satisfaction; recalling that Abia State Specialist Hospital and Diagnostic Centre has attained the elevated status of clinically dealing with complicated referral cases from neighbouring States and even beyond. The Specialist Hospital is strategically the high-point of a small beginning located in government’s resilience to build over 250 health centres across the length and breadth of Abia State in liaison with the Millennium Development Goals.


It is our firm belief that the Federal Government of Nigeria will expedite action on the official endorsement of Alkamali-driven mass-employing green field refinery certified for location at the oil neighbourhood of Owaza in Ukwa-West Local Government Area. The mass-employing capacity of this venture will significantly de-populate the un-employment market in the State. We honestly cannot wait to consummate this reality. Government had earlier battled with the faulty start of undermining the economic potentials prevalent in rubber extraction, until a leading figure brought Imoni-Yame Holdings Limited into the rubber potential of Abia State. With an enviable track record spanning over eight years, Abia will hopefully leverage on Imoni-Yame’s wealth of professional experience in the management of Abia State Rubber Plantation, currently adorning the massive stretch of Abam in Arochukwu Local Government Area for the well being of Abians.


Before now, it would have been practically impossible to say that South African giants in chain stores; Shoprite will come any where close to Abia, let alone deploying to site for their on-going state of the art shopping centre. This is one awe-inspiring reality that ceaselessly compels me to appreciate and shudder at how much we can create legacies and leave gigantic footprints in the sands of time if we are genuinely drawn to the well-being of our people as our mandate. It is in the same vein that a gateway was extended to Protea Hotels also from South Africa for the injection of life into the comatose Abia Hotels Limited. This calculation will further raise the bar in the already vibrant hospitality arena of the state capital, majority of whom will leverage on the gains projected to come from the huge reality of the International Conference Centre Abia State.


The dilemma of when enough private broadcast stations will pitch tent in the State had always bothered us until the recent hand of friendship extended to Multi-Mesh Communications Limited yielded the desired result. Love FM, on the stable of Multi-Mesh is already broadcasting from the state capital and its entrance is evidently re-defining radio and television programming in the State.

As earlier on highlighted somewhere, this abridged index is a conscious effort designed to lend my voice to the glaring investment potentials inherent in Abia State and to reiterate government’s desire for a continuous streaming of these traffic having established the obligatory convivial atmosphere.


We are however, not done with the provision of platforms as our synergy with Geometric Power Limited is in itself another ambitious vision which will drive the eventual illumination of Aba, our commercial pride, for the revival of struggling small and medium enterprises. When the Geometric Independent Power Project is commissioned, Abia would have coasted to the victorious base of un-interruptible power supply.

We scarcely can talk about Abia, without contrasting the frightening security situation of yester years with today’s caressing peace of what the State has become, constantly captured in the peaceful movement of persons and goods and the serenading songs of birds.


The investment drum of Abia State is designed to beat louder hoping that other sectors like agriculture, tourism and solid minerals will become private sector driven in a secured and mouth-watering return on investment that Abia has pledged to uphold.

I sincerely hope local and foreign investors will continue to feast on this investment friendly window.


T.A Orji, the Governor of Abia State, wrote from Umuahia.

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