Abia @ 21 goodwill message delivered to Abians by Gov. T.A. Orji


Today is another great day, as we celebrate the 2012 Abia Day, and also honor those who through their life activities, have come to symbolize and promote the ideals of excellence, resilience, and human ingenuity, upon which Abia State was founded more than two decades ago.

Our State is still the same land of hope, of opportunities and the actualization of the ingenuity of those who crave and work hard for fame and prosperity. This is what our people are known for, and for which our founding fathers yearned to promote in a unique State of their own  – Abia State, God’s Own State.

But these dreams of Abia State, which our founding fathers handed over to us can only survive and grow, not just because we think about it, dream about it, and verbalize it, but because we have come to believe in it, act it and make sacrifices to pursue it in a responsible and concerned manner.

I personally believe strongly that Abia will survive and excel, because our people and our government have undertaken to make the sacrifice required in laying the strong foundation upon which this Great Abia State will spring from, and do so without excessive self interests and self promotions.                                                      

This I believe, requires the collaboration of all our political elites, our entrepreneurial class, Traditional Rulers and the average Abian citizens, all working in unison to build the Abia of our dream.This will also require responsible leadership and followership. It will require the sacrifice of citizens paying their taxes and giving their support so that our governments will build the infrastructure and provide sustainable security for the promotion of lives and property, and the growth of commerce and industry. This will require public probity, equity and fairness in the conduct of government’s business and in the politics of the State.

It is true that these civic duties and the intensification of government’s commitments to serve Abians and their interests, may have been ignored by past administrations, leaving accumulated and outstanding developmental and political issues unattended and festering for later days.                                                                                      

I know that these have often induced a high level of despair, frustration and paranoia on our people’s perception of the politics and development of Abia State.

That is why, our Government, especially since the second term has now come to the rescue, so that the Abia dream will once more be energized.                                                                                                                                        

That is why our government has focused on the unification of the elite politics of Abia State, so that Abians will once more close ranks, to drive our State to greater heights and push for our unique interests in the Federal Nigerian polity.

That is why our Government has enthrone equity and fairness in the State, so that Abians will once more dream great dreams and seek to actualize them in a stable environment. That is why we have focused on building a healthy Abia State, with access to improved quality health care, world class diagnostic centers, and rural health centers. All these calculated to ensure that healthy Abians live to enjoy the dividends of democracy, in a fast developing State.

That is why we are restating Abia as a major agricultural State, through our agricultural transformation agenda, which has keyed into the Federal Government’s agricultural revolution to revive all known sectors of agricultural production and value industrial chains, including food and cash crops.                                                                         

That is why we have gone ahead to secure a N1 billion Agric-loan to enable Abia farmers transit to major producers and achieve their dreams of prosperity, food security in our State and abundant democracy of the stomach.

And primarily, that is why our Government has sought for once, to lay a sound foundation for the new face of Abia State, through many of our legacy projects that will survive our government over time, while also promoting the ideals of excellence for which our people are noted for.                                                                                                                                       

Our new State Government House foundation has been laid, so is our International Conference Center, our new Civil Service Secretariats, numerous Housing Estates, our various market developments, and solutions found for some of our difficult road infrastructure, are the many developing structures of our legacy projects, which support an enduring idea of a State, its economy, its politics, and its public service orientation.

Our Government is doing all these work of a ‘founding government’ 20 years after the creation of Abia State.

As we celebrate the 2012 Abia Day and recognize our achievers, our Government can look at the past, eaten by locusts, and say without equivocation that what we are doing for our State, will tomorrow become the cardinal pillars and foundation stones of this State.                                                                                                                                     

All the projects that we have embarked on have been carefully selected to reflect the urgent mood of our State. A mood of an Abia State that is now ready to take its collective destiny in its hands, and move in unison with our citizens, and without being a captive of one group or one family.

I therefore appeal to all Abians to continue to support our Government, so that together, we will take Abia State to the next level of enduring political, social and economic development.

Peace, as we all know, is a necessary condition for the growth of our economy. Our days of violence, kidnapping and isolation, have at least thought us that lesson.                                                                                       

I assure Abians that our Government will continue to do everything required to sustain the peace and security of lives that we have so doggedly won for our people. We should never yield to the lustful ambitions of those nay-sayers, who seek to destroy the harmony we have built in Abia State, for their selfish ends of returning Abia State to the confused and painful days of the locusts. Abians are saying, never again!

On the part of our Government and our Party, the PDP, we will continue to lead with prudence, utmost sacrifice and commitments to the service of Abians. I call for the same commitments from all our citizens, so that Abia State will be great again!

For all those Abians and friends of Abia State, who will today be recognized and decorated with awards for keeping the dreams of Abia State alive and sharing with our ideals, I congratulate you, and challenge many more of our people and our friends to emulate you and work hard to step up to be counted.                                                    

Abia State belongs to all of us, and it behooves on all Abians and those sharing our dreams, to make this State greater than we have found it.                                                                            

All Abians still sitting on the fence should jump down, and take decisive steps to make their good works felt in this State, and by our people. This is a clear moment of sacrifice!

May God bless the hard-working people of Abia State!

May God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Thank you.