The decisions taken by the Executive Council of Abia State under the statutory Chairmanship of His Excellency, Governor T.A. Orji

The Executive council of Abia State Government met on Wednesday 14th December, 2011, under the statutory Chairmanship of His Excellency, Governor Theodore A. Orji.

The following decisions were taken by the council;

  1. That adequate sensitization exercise be carried out via the media to persuade Hausa / Fulani herdsmen, whose herd have been causing a lot of damages on farms of many Abians, not to allow their herd continue to wreak havoc on Abia farms and that if, after the exercise, the herdsmen fail to have a change of attitude, a task force would be set up to address the menace of the ravaging animals, using relevant laws.
  2. That illegal parking of vehicles, especially around the Abia Tower is unacceptable and condemnable hence council directed the Hon. Commissioner for Physical Planning & Urban Renewal to give one month deadline to the contractor handling the construction of the Luxury park along the Enugu-Port Harcourt express way to complete the project or risk having the contract revoked.
  3. That any lady of easy virtue that loiters around the Abia Tower should be chased away from that vicinity by Law Enforcement Agents in liaison with Hon. Commissioner for Physical Planning & Urban Renewal.
  4. The setting up of a committee, headed by the Hon. Attorney –General & Commissioner for Justice, to articulate modalities for effective, sustainable and accountable revenue collection for the State.
  5. That every ‘Revenue Consultant’ who is not officially engaged by the appropriate agency of the State government ceases, henceforth, to have anything to do with revenue collection in the State and that revenue drive in the state must have a human face while every revenue collected must be paid into the State’s consolidated account.
  6. That the State Government shall facilitate effective participation of Abia farmers in accessing a Federal Government-introduced Commercial Agricultural Credit Loan Scheme (C.A.C.S) designed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) through the Debt Management Office (DMO), amounting to two hundred billion naira, with interest rate of not more than nine percent.

Conditions required for accessing this loan, which include;

  1. Submission of expression of interest to CBN,
  2. Establishment of a Special Unit staffed with Agricultural Experts and Credit Officers; the State Supervised Agricultural Credit Loans Board (SACLB)
  3. Packaging and submission of loan-drawable proposal to CBN, and
  4. Authorization and signing of Irrecoverable Standing Payment Order (ISPO) by His Excellency, the Executive Governor, have been fulfilled.
  5. That Council, after a detailed consideration of the synergy between the State Government and the people of the State, expressed gratitude to Abians for their unqualified support to the State Government so far and assured them of continuous flow of democratic dividend in the years ahead.


Chief (Sir) Don Ubani; KSC, JP

(Okwubunka of Asa)

Hon. Commissioner for Information & Strategy