Water Supply

The state urban water scheme provides water for Aba and Umuahia. The larger LGA headquarters are also expected to benefit from this scheme. For rural areas, there is a rural water scheme. However, most rural dwellers rely on streams and wells for their domestic water needs.
Communities living in the coastal plain sand areas experience acute water shortage between November and March when wells and water ponds dry up.

In the area of Water Supply, the state is engaged in the constant maintenance of existing water works while also opening up new Regional Water Schemes in various communities in Abia State.

The Water Schemes in Abia State for which the State is willing to partner with investors in their operations include;

i. Umuahia Regional Water Scheme

ii. Aba Regional Water Scheme

iii. Uzuakoli Water Scheme

iv. Elu-Ohafia Water Scheme

v. Ehimiri Water Scheme

vi. Abiriba Water Scheme

vii. Ubakala Water Scheme

viii. Afugiri Water Scheme

ix. AriamUsaka

x. Nnono Water Scheme

xi. Igbere Water Scheme

xii. Mbawsi Water Scheme

xiii. Mbutu-Ngwa Water Scheme

xiv. Umuagbai Water Scheme

xv. Ogwe Water Scheme

xvi. Nkwo-Amiyi Water Scheme

xvii. UturuWateY Scheme

xviii. Olokoro Water Scheme

xix. Mbutu-Ukwu Water Scheme

The Abia State Government, though willing to execute these Water Schemes is however interested in partnering with reputable private institutions, companies and organizations to provide these services to the people of the State either on a commercial or charity basis.