Abia State government under the able leadership of His Excellency, Chief T. A. Orji (OCHENDO) has made tremendous achievements since the inception of his second tenure which commenced on May 29th, 2011, in the area of Water and Electricity through the Ministry of Public Utilities and Water Resources/ an arm of the government saddled with the responsibility of provision of portable water to the citizenry and ensuring the availability of Electricity in the State.

In the area of Water, a comprehensive consultancy services has been carried out on how to rehabilitate the Umuahia Regional Water Scheme that has been old and integrate the surrounding schemes. The state through the Ministry of Public Utilities and Water Resources had liaised with the Federal Ministry of Niger Delta for the Regional Water Schemes in the State to be captured in Federal   Government’s   Subsidy   Removal   Reinvestment Programme (SURE).

This will involve the Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and expansion of the Water Schemes. Also, rehabilitation and reactivation of Umuopara Water Scheme; Water Scheme at Nnamdi Azikiwe Secretariat, Nnono Oboro Water Scheme was also executed.

In the area of Electricity, the timely intervention by the State Government facilitated the inspection and pre-commissioning tests of the completed 132KV network from Alaoji – Umuahia and the 2 x 30MVA, 132/33KV injection sub-station at Ohiya by the relevant Federal Government Agencies. The 132KV lines network were subsequently connected to the National grid and the 2 x 30MVA, 132/33KV injection sub-station equally energized.

Consequently, the State Government in 2011 awarded contract for the construction of 5 No 33KV High Tension Feeder lines for the evacuation of power from the Ohiya 2 x 30MVA, 132/33KV injection sub-station.

The 5 No 33KV High Tension Feeder lines radiates from Ohiya injection sub-station to the following locations:






Construction work along Afara/Ubakala, Nkwoegwu, and Umungwa has been completed while work on the Ntigha axis is in progress. Meanwhile, PHCN has inspected, tested and connected the completed 33kv Feeder lines from Ohiya – Afara, Ohiya – Ubakala, Ohiya – Nkwoegwu, Ohiya – Umungwa to the energized Ohiya sub-station and with the progress made so far in the construction works/ the electricity supply situation in Umuahia metropolis and its environs has greatly improved.

In addition, government initiated and completed the installation of Solar Energy streetlights in the following areas of Umuahia metropolis:

(i)     House of Assembly Junction to Bende Road

(ii)    Ndume Otuka Road

(iii)   Road 3, Low Cost Housing Estate

(iv)   Health Centre Road, World Bank

(v)   Adelebu street

(vi)   Bende Road which is about 80% completion.

The Ministry is committed not only in ensuring that more projects will be realized but that the realized ones will be sustained for the benefit of Abians, To this end, sustenance and maintenance of streetlight powered by generator that covers from Federal Medical Centre (FMC) round about, Ibiam Road – library Avenue – branches to Government House at 1st Bank Junction – back to Okpara Square – Club Road – Uzuakoli Road – Uwalaka – Owerri Road backUwalaka Road – Ugwunchara – Amafor Junction – Tower at the

Express way was also realized.