Abia State Govt brings succour to people in need of dialysis in the State

The Abia State government has restated its commitment to curbing medical tourism of residents of the state.

Speaking in an interview with Daily Times on Tuesday, the State Commissioner for health, Dr. Okechukwu Ogah, expressed optimism that the state’s partnership with private investors in running state-owned specialist centres would ease the travails of its indigenes in need of specialist care.

“The state dialysis centre is of world class and it will ease the plight of people in need of dialysis in the state,” Ogah said, decrying the situation in which Abians with chronic kidney ailment had to travel at least three times a week to Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan for dialysis.

“Some people even fly to India for dialysis. Transporting patients with such condition over a long distance like that about three times in a week can lead them to early graves.”

Justifying the state’s partnership with the private sector, the commissioner said that “it will encourage sustainability of the facilities. It is a partnership that is working”.

The state government, in partnership with an Indian company, MeCure, established two state-of-the-art diagnostic centres, one in Umuahia and another one in Aba.

Commenting on the cost of specialist treatment, Ogah noted that it may be expensive but ultimately it is “affordable and available”, considering the proximity to the people.

In his evaluation of health development in the state since its creation twenty-one years ago, the commissioner acknowledged that the development has been progressive and steady.

He commended the state governor, Theodore Orji, for “monumental contribution to the development of health services” in the state.


Culled from dailytimesng.com