The Global Polio Eradication Initiative was launched in 1988 and Nigeria also keyed into the PE1 initiative, the 21 states of the federation was carried along. Abia state soon after it was created in 1991 also keyed in and has been involved in all exercises geared towards the eradication of this crippling disease in the country.

Nigeria is one of the most entrenched reservoirs of the Wild polio Virus in the world. It is the only country with on-going transmission of all the 3 serotypes- WPV1, WPV2 and WPV3. The Northern states are the main source of Polio infection. In 2009, operational improvement in the northern states leads to a 90% decline in WPV1.

In September 2009, Abia state after being polio free for 10 years had a Wild Polio Virus isolated and confirmed in a little girl at Omoba ward in Isiala Ngwa south, from a family that had close proximity to the Omoba Heami Center but refused to access immunization services for their children. This little girl had been denied the free drops of OPV vaccine that would have protected hcr from this disease. She had been denied her rights as a Nigerian Child.

The state went into action immediately to contain the virus; series of supplemental immunization campaigns were carried in the months of October, November and December of that year to ensure that the virus did not spread to other Local Government Areas.

We are grateful to God that the virus was contained and that since then we have not had any other confirmed case in the state.

It is obvious that a high coverage of Routine Immunization antigens is needful to provide herd immunity to the Abia Children this will be beefed up by the National Immunization Plus Days (NIPDs) which is carried out using the House-House strategy to ensure that every child is reached.

National Primary Health Care Development Agency-the body in charge of Primary Health Care in the Nation carried out a National Immunization Coverage survey(NICS) from 2003-2010 and below is a pictorial of the performance of the 5 zones in the nation.

The performance of Abia State is shown below:

In receiving this report, I congratulated the Abia State Primary Health Care workers at the state and LGAs for achieving this feat especially from 2007-2010 in the face of serious financial constraints for PHC activities in the state.

We therefore implore all parents/ caregivers, and community leaders to ensure that every child.

0-5 years is given full immunization coverage as depicted in the National Programme on Immunization.

A child not fully immunized in your neighbourhood is a threat to all Abia children.